Account administration

Account administration (my.sciebo)

  • The administration portal my.sciebo provides information about your account and offers important administration functionalities such as account extension and password management.
  • Employees of the participating institutions can use my.sciebo to upgrade their storage volume from 30 to 500 GB.
  • Additional feature are planned, including project box and guest account management for cooperation in research projects with large memory requirements and external partners. Furthermore, an option for premature cancellation of the account will be included.

Account administration (web interface)

  • Access the web interface using your sciebo ID and your sciebo password. In case you can't remember your institution's server address, you can find a list of all sciebo server addresses here.
  • To customize your settings, click on your user ID at the top right and select "Personal". Now you can upload a profile picture and change the language settings. A level bar will show how much of your storage space (the quota) you are already using.