Guest Accounts

General information on guest accounts

  • Please note that only employees are allowed to create and manage guest IDs.
  • It is not allowed to create guest IDs for members of participating institutions. A guest ID with the suffix "@", for example, is not allowed.
  • Guest IDs are valid for 6 months, with the possibility of extensions. Thereafter, the guest ID will be blocked and after an additional 3 months deleted.
  • Guests do not have their own storage volume and cannot create their own shares. To be able to work with guests, sciebo users therefore have to share the desired folder with the guest.
  • Guests cannot log in to the my.sciebo portal.
  • The server address for guests is always

Inviting guests

  • Please note that only employees are allowed to create and manage guest IDs.
  • Log in to my.sciebo and select "Gäste einladen".
  • To set up a guest account the guest's first name, last name and e-mail address are required. The e-mail address serves as the guest ID and is also used for guest account management. In the sharing process “last name, first name (guest ID)” will be displayed. The guest’s name can be changed at a later date by inviting same e-mail address again.
  • Clicking on “Einladung absenden” an e-mail invitation will be sent to the guest and the sponsor of the guest account. If the guest has already been invited by another user, a transfer to the new sponsor takes place. In this case, both sponsors are notified.

Managing guests

  • Log in to my.sciebo and select "Gäste verwalten". The alphabetical list displays all sponsored IDs. There are three simple functions for guest management: "Info abrufen" (Information), "Passwort setzen" (Setting a password) und "Gast verlängern" (Extending a guest account).
  • "Info abrufen" (Information): Here the sponsor can see all information about his guest, i.e. the expiry date of the guest account.
  • "Passwort setzen" (Setting a password): Here the sponsor can allow his guest to set a new password within the next 36 hours. The guest receives all necessary information by e- mail. Detailed information on this are given below, in the section "Setting a password for a guest account".
  • "Gast verlängern" (Extending a guest account): Here the sponsor can extend a guest ID for another 6 months.

Setting a password for a guest account

  • After the invitation the guest will receive an e-mail with instructions to set a password. The message contains a link to the corresponding form and a one-time password, the so-called "secret".
  • The guest has to enter his ID and secret into the form, and choose a new password. This should be at least 8 characters long and contain letters, numbers and special characters. If the guest is invited for the first time, he must also agree to the terms of use. By clicking on the button "Passwort setzen” (Set Password) the process is completed.
  • After a successful password change guest and sponsor will be informed by e- mail that a password has been set.
  • To activate the account and allow for sharing, the guest must log in to sciebo once.

Sharing with guests

  • To allow you to share with your guest, the guest first has to set a password and activate his account by logging in to sciebo.
  • As sciebo guests are hosted on a separate server (, you cannot share with them in the same way you do with sciebo users of your institution. Guests are like user of another institution, thus sharing works via “Entfernte Freigabe” (Remote Share, Federated Cloud Sharing). To share with a guest via the web interface, just click on Share-Symbol next to a file and enter the guest ID and server ("") into the input field. The guestID is the e-mail address of the guest. For example, if you want to share with "", you would enter "" and choose "guestID (Enfernte Freigabe)".
  • A more detailed manual on sharing via “Remote Share” is available here.