Simultaneous Editing

Online Office Editor: General information

  • The editor enables you to work simultaneously on text, presentation or spreadsheet documents in the web interface. The usual features of document editing programs are included.
  • Please note that an edited document in the web interface is not synchronized via the client until you close the editor.
  • For general instructions, please consult our manual for the document editor

Simultaneous Editing: General Information

The editor also allows you to simultaneously edit shared documents with other sciebo users at your institution. Documents which are shared with users from different universities or guest accounts cannot be edited at the same time. The number of users currently editing the document is displayed at the upper right end of the status bar. Click on the user icon to find out the names of those users. Simultaneous editing includes the following features:
  • Simultaneous access to text, presentation and spreadsheet files
  • Review function: visual highlighting of edited elements
  • Comments
  • Chat
  • Automatic synchronization of changes
Additional hints for simultaneous edting
  • Please note that the Undo and redo funciton is not available while you are working simultaneously in a document.
  • Please note that you should only work simultaneously via the web interface. If a user edits the document at the same time via the desktop client, conflicting document will result.

Simultaneous Editing: Text Documents

  • To see which user makes certain changes during the simultaneous processing, activate the review function at the lower control bar. The edited text sections are marked in different colors. When you move the curser over an edited text section, the name of the user is displayed.
  • You can use the review feature to decide whether to accept or reject other users' changes.

Simultaneous Editing: Presentation Documents

  • When you move the curser over an edited object, the name of the editing user is displayed.
  • Please note that deleted data cannot be undone in simultaneous editing.

Simultaneous Editing: Spreadsheet Documents

  • Edited cells are marked with dashed lines of different colors. When you move the curser over an edited cell, the name of the user is displayed.
  • Cells can only be edited by one person.
  • Please note that deleted data cannot be restored in simultaneous editing.

Editing Mode

Under the advanced settings in the tab "File" you can select a common editing mode.
  • In the "fast" mode, changes are displayed simultaneously by all users.
  • In the "formal" mode, you must accept changes from other users before you can see them.
We recommend the quick edit mode so you can keep track of the other user's changes.


  • To leave a comment, select the speech bubble on the left side
  • In the text editor, you can set comments with text reference by marking the relevant text passages. In the presentation editor, comments are created for the displayed slide. In the table editor, the comments are generally displayed.
  • Users can respond to the comment using "Add Reply". You can also edit comments (pen), delete (paper basket) or mark as done (check). Comments are saved in the long term.


  • Click on the chat button (person icon) on the left side of the page and enter your text.
  • All messages are displayed on the left sidebar. If there are new messages that have not been read, the chat icon contains a message symbol. The chat history is deleted after a session.