Sharing via the web interface

Symbols in the web interface

  • Shared folders are labelled with sharing symbol "<" or with the symbol "oo" for links.
  • The shared data (file or folder) is labelled with "shared" if you set up the shares or with the sciebo ID of the person when the folder is shared with you.
  • A shared element can be deleted by clicking on the points "..." and then on "Unshare".
  • An overall view with a list of all elements shared by or with you can be seen in the menu item "Shared by you" or "Shared with you".
  • All data shared by links are listed on the left side in the menu item "shared via link".

Sharing with sciebo users

We recommend to share files with sciebo users via their user ID. User rights can be granted more individually and files and folders can be edited or deleted. Simultaneous editing in the document editor is only possible, when data is shared via the user ID. You can also share data via the user ID with users from other institutions or guest accounts.
  • In the file directory, click on the sharing symbol "<" next to the element that you like to share. You can share files and folders.
  • On the right side, more information will be provided.

  • Fill in the text box with the sciebo user ID ( of the person you want to share your file or folder with. If the ID is correct, the person’s real name will be displayed. Otherwise your entry is incorrect.
  • Please select the entry where the full name of the user is displayed.

  • Afterwards you can decide in detail which rights you grant that person. By ticking the corresponding box, you can specify whether the person can share, update, delete or create files. You can change these rights at any time. We recommend to disable the sharing right ("can share") to remain control of your data..
  • Moving the curser over a file or folder you will see a list of all persons having access to that file or folder. Here you can also administrate rights and revoke access granted to a person using the recycle bin icon.

Sharing with sciebo-users from other institutions and guests (Federated Share)

  • In the file directory, click on the sharing symbol "<" next to the element that you like to share.
  • The sharing menu opens on the right hand side. Click in the text box and enter the complete federated cloud sharing ID.
    • For users of other institutions: Every user can view his or her ID in the personal settings.
    • For guests:, e.g.
  • Click on the ID with the addition "federated share" to share the file or folder.
  • Afterwards you can decide in detail which rights you grant that person. You can change these granted rights at any time.
  • To end the sharing process, the recipient has to accept the share. Therefore he clicks in the web interface on the bell-symbol on the right hand side of the user name. A pop up window appears and the recipient can accept the share.

Sharing with external parties (sharing via link)

  • Click on "Open links" and then on "Create public link". A new menu will appear.
  • Now you can decide in detail which rights you grant to the desired persons. For files, you can only click on "Read Only".
  • You can protect the link with a password. We suggest to set a password when you grant editing rights for your folder.
  • An expiration date in one month is automatically defined. You can change or deactivate this date if desired.
  • Afterwards, you can directly send the link to the desired persons, by inserting the mail address in the field.
  • Click on "save" to finish the sharing process.

After saving the link, there a differnt option for sharing the link.

  • You can copy the link by selecting "copy to clipboard" and to insert the link at the desired place.
  • By selecting the gear you can reopen the sharing menu and make changes. This is helpful if you like to edit the user rights.
  • By selecting the recycle bin you can delete the shared link.
You can create user specific links with different user rights. Therefore, click again on "Create public link" and repeat the process. This is helpful if you like to cancel or edit the shared link only for one specific person.

Embedding a shared link

In case the sender is using sciebo at another institution you can add the file or folder to your sciebo account.
  • Copy the link into the browser. At the top right the button "add to your ownCloud" will appear.
  • After clicking the button, enter the sciebo server address
  • The login page of your institution will be displayed. Sign in with your sciebo ID. Now a dialogue box will appear, asking you to accept the shared file. Accept and refresh the webpage. Now the file should appear in your directory.

  • The Link is displayed as "remote share" in a pop-up window.
  • Accept the remote share and reload the website to display the new content.