Using the web interface

Access the web interface

  • You can access the web interface via your institution's sciebo server address. In case you can't remember the server address, you will find a list of all sciebo server addresses here.
  • Login using your sciebo ID ( and your sciebo password.
  • Ideally, add a bookmark in your browser.

Manage files

The "+" symbol opens a file selection dialog. You can upload files or create a folder or a text file.

    Upload files

  • If you like to upload a file, you can select a file from your PC. Upload multiple files at once by pressing the CTRL key while selecting. Click the “Open” button. A loading bar will show the uploading progress. Now, the file should be visible in the web interface.

    Create folders

  • By clicking on "folder" in the menu, you can create and name new folders.
  • If you want to cancel, click on an empty area next to the selection dialog.

    Create text files

  • By clicking on the menu item "text file" you can create a text file which you can edit directly in the sciebo interface.
  • After entering text, you can save the document or cancel with the "X" in the upper right.

Edit files

Click the three dots next to the file. Now you can view details, download, delete or rename the file.

    Download files

  • Click on the "Download" button. Now you can choose whether you want to open the file with a program or save it on your computer.
  • Downloading folders works the same way. Here, a zip compressed folder will be generated automatically. Before opening you have to extract your files from this folder.
  • You can download multiple files or folders at the same time by ticking the boxes next to the folder or file icons. Here, too, a zip compressed folder will be generated.

    Delete files

  • You can delete a single file using the recycle bin icon. The file will be moved into the recycle bin folder which you access by clicking on "Deleted Files" at the bottom left.
  • You can delete multiple files at once by ticking the boxes next to the file icons and clicking the recycle bin icon afterwards.
  • As long as the storage quota is not maxed out (normally 30 GB), the data will remain until final deletion.

    Rename files or folders

  • If you click on the pencil icon next to a file or folder, you can rename it.


  • If you are in lower hierarchical folders, this is indicated above.
  • To return to the home page, please click onto the house symbol.
  • By clicking on a folder name, you will switch to that folder.
  • You can move files and folders via drag and drop. If you want to move several files, select them by ticking the box next to the document or folder icon. By dragging and dropping files onto the house symbol, you can move them to the top-level folder.