Project Boxes

Project boxes are storage quotas for workgroups working with very large amounts of data (30 GB to 2 TB). They are particularly suitable for long-term projects with changing project management.

Project boxes are very similar to normal sciebo accounts, but they are impersonal, i.e. they are not bound to individual persons. Although there is one owner per project box, this role is transferable. The owner can manage the project box in his personal my.sciebo area and should be the only one who knows the corresponding password.

Direct access to the project box is only necessary for assigning access rights to the central project folder. The owner shares this folder with the project members (including his own personal account). As with normal shares, the use of the project box (upload, download, editing of files) takes place via the personal sciebo accounts of the project members.

  • Duration: The duration of a project box is 2 years. The extension of your account is possible at any time via my.sciebo.
  • Transferability: In order to enable the transfer of the project box to another person, neither the owner nor the participants may store personal or copyrighted data. The transfer of a project box is initiated via my.sciebo.

Application of a project box

In the following table you can see whether your institution provides project boxes, who can apply for them and how the application is made. For all applications, the institution's support will decide on the approval and the applicant will be informed by e-mail.

University Application procedure Group
FH Dortmund my.sciebo Webform Employees
FH Münster my.sciebo Webform Employees
FZ Jülich IT representative or administrator Special
HS Bochum my.sciebo Webform Professors
HS Hamm-Lippstadt my.sciebo Webform Employees
HS Rhein-Waal my.sciebo Webform Employees
Kunstakademie Münster 1st Level Support Employees
RWTH Aachen IT representative Special
University of Bielefeld Servicedesk Employees
University of Bochum my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Bonn my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Düsseldorf my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Köln 1st Level Support Employees
University of Münster my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Paderborn my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Siegen my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Wuppertal own Webform of the IT representatives Employees

The following information should be included in the application:

  • Applicant: You need a valid sciebo ID to become the owner of a project box.
  • Project Box ID:The name of a project box can be freely chosen (4-32 characters). Please note, however, that the ID is generated from the name. For example, the identifier for the project box "My Project" at M√ľnster University would be
  • Institution: Please provide some information about your affiliation to an organizational unit.
  • Project Description: In addition to a project title and a short abstract, information on the responsible organisational unit, project duration, project participants (internal, external) or funding (funding programme, funding number) can be useful. The text must not exceed 150 words.
  • Storage Volume: You can choose between 30, 500,1,000 or 2,000 GB.

Application with the my.sciebo Web Form

Some institutions support the my.sciebo web form, which you can find in the my.sciebo portal under "Request Project Box", as long as you belong to the authorised user group. In the form, you will be asked to specify the applicant, institution, project description and storage volume. This information is stored in the project box profile.

Project Box Setup

Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by e-mail. To set up the project box, you must first set the password.
  • Log on to my.sciebo with your central user ID (not sciebo ID). Select the menu item "Change Project Box Password".
  • The dropdown list contains your project boxes in alphabetical order. Select the desired project box.
  • Enter the new password. Please keep in mind that you may not pass on the password.
  • To activate the project box, log in with the project box ID in the sciebo web interface of your institution.

Working With a Project Box

  • First log into the sciebo web interface of your institution with the project box ID and the project box password.
  • Then create a central project folder for the project data.
  • Share this folder with your own personal sciebo ID and the other project participants.
  • Project participants can now access the shared project box folder via their own sciebo accounts and create and edit folders and documents there.