General advises for project boxes

Target group and area of application for project boxes

  • Project boxes are storage quotas for work groups or institutions handling very large amounts of data (30 GB to 2 TB).
  • A project box can be transferred to another person at a later date. Therefore, project boxes are suitable for long-term projects with varying project management..

Characteristics of project boxes

  • Application: Employees can apply for a project box at their university. Universities which offer project boxes are listed in the point application of project boxes.
  • Use: The owner can manage the project box and the access authorisations in my.sciebo. The actual use of the project box takes place via folders that are shared with the accounts of the project participants, no strorage volume is taken from the single accounts. More details can be found in the sub-points set-up of project boxes and working with project boxes.
  • Term: The term of a project box is 2 years. You can apply for an extention at the support of your university.
  • Transferability: Project boxes are not bound to single persons and the role of the owner is transferable. To allow the transferability of project boxes to another person, personal data or data with copyrights may not be stored in project boxes. The transmission of a project box is initiated by the 1st Level Support.

Application of a project box

How can I apply for a project box?

Universities which offer project boxes are listed in the following table. The application procedure differs among the universities: sciebo-webform or the local support of your university. You can see in the Column Group which persons may apply for a project box. The support of the university decides whether a project box is approved and the applicant receives an e-mail.

University Application procedure Group
FH Dortmund 1st Level Support Employees
FH Münster my.sciebo Webform Employees
FZ Jülich IT representative or administrator Special
HS Bochum my.sciebo Webform Professors
HS Hamm-Lippstadt my.sciebo Webform Employees
HS Rhein-Waal my.sciebo Webform Employees
Kunstakademie Münster 1st Level Support Employees
RWTH Aachen IT representative Special
University of Bielefeld Servicedesk Employees
University of Bochum my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Bonn my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Düsseldorf my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Köln 1st Level Support Employees
University of Münster my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Paderborn my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Siegen my.sciebo Webform Employees
University of Wuppertal own Webform of the IT representatives Employees

Which information is needed?

  • Applicant: A valid sciebo ID is requested to become applicant and owner of a project box.
  • Project Box ID: The name of the project box can be chosen (between 4 und 32 charcters). The ID will be generated out of the name. For example, a project box of the University of M√ľnster is called my project, then the ID will be The ID is necessary for logging in and sharing.
  • University: Please give some contact and affiliation information.
  • Project description: Your university decides about the approval of your project box. Please explain in detail the purpose of your project (max. 150 words).
  • storage place: You can choose between 30, 500,1000 or 2000 GB.

Application with my.sciebo Webform

Some universities use the webform, which can be accessed by entitled users in Application for project boxes in my.sciebo Portal. In the my.sciebo Webform the following information is required for your project box: applicant, University, project description, storage place.

Please check your application before sending.

Installation of the project box

When your project box is approved, a password should be set.
  • Log in with your general user ID in my.sciebo and choose the point "Change project box password".
  • The drop-down list contains your project boxes in alphabetical order. Please choose the corresponding project box.
  • Set the new password. Please keep in mind that you may not pass on the password.
  • The term of the project can be retrieved in my.sciebo.
  • To activate the project box, please log in with your project ID in sciebo Servers of your university.

Working with a project box

  • Log in with your project box ID in the webinterface at the server of your university sciebo Servers
  • Set up a folder for your project data.
  • Please share the central folder with your own account and those of the other project participants. It is useful to create shares only from the project box itself, so that shares remain when the owner of the box changes.
  • General information for sharing can be found here: Sharing files and folders.
  • If you would like to work with externs, that do not belong to a sciebo-university, please use guest accounts: Manual for guest accounts.
  • Project participants can acces the project box via their accounts.