• Click on Registration.
  • Choose your institution from the list. If you allow the location of your current position, you will find the nearest university at the top.
  • For authentication you will be redirected to your institution’s webpage. Sign up with your user ID and password to verify that you are a legitimate user. Your password will not be transmitted!

Server address, sciebo ID and sciebo password

  • After successful authentication you will return to the sciebo website. There, your sciebo ID and the server address of your institution will be displayed. Write down both because you will need them later.
  • Create your sciebo password. It has to be at least eight characters long and should consist of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Confirm our Terms of Use and finish registration
  • Now you can use the web interface (login via your insitution's sciebo server address) and install the desktop client and the smartphone app. Manuals for both are available in our help centre section dealing with Web Interface & Apps.